why “B A L M B I N I?”

The genome for bumble bees is Bombini, so we found it fitting to name our small business after bees.

At Balmbini, we strive to spread the amazing healing benefits of Manuka honey to every corner of the earth. To achieve this goal, we exclusively use the highest quality Manuka honey sourced from New Zealand. All of our Manuka Honey is traceable to hive and we take pride in working with ethical suppliers.

Our journey with this balm started with our commitment to offer the most exceptional quality ethically sourced ingredients.We knew that in order to create a truly remarkable product, we needed to start with the best possible ingredients. That's why we spent countless hours researching and sourcing the finest raw materials from around the globe - starting with our Manuka Honey

A journey from New Zealand to New York ...

Balmbini is a skincare company hailing from New York State. We specialize in creating products that utilize Manuka Honey as the primary active ingredient. Our dedication to transparent skincare has driven us to create a skincare line that is both effective and honest.

Our Manuka Honey journey began four years ago when our veterinarian recommended it for our dog. She shared with us how Manuka Honey helped a canine patient with third-degree burns, and we were immediately intrigued by its healing properties. Since then, we've become enamored with this incredible ingredient and its exceptional benefits for the skin.

where quality meets transparency

At Balmbini, we believe that our ingredients are the foundation of our brand. Every component in our products is cautiously selected and thoughtfully added to ensure our customers receive the best. We place great emphasis on ingredient delivery, which is why we only use the highest quality Manuka Honey in our potent formulas.


Our current product is a unique blend of 4% active Manuka Honey with a MGO of 850, combined with Manuka Oil. Collaborating closely with our chemists, we've created a formula that efficiently delivers a potent blend of Manuka Honey and Manuka Oil.